Interlude: Lost Wyrm

Somewhere in Mynythe, on 33 Mey:

“That could have gone better.”

“We got what we needed, didn’t we?”

“You spent decades collecting the assets we used.  It’s going to make getting where we need to go that much more difficult.”

“Hardly.  Considering where our path takes us now, it should be easy.”

(sigh)  “Yes.  Nonetheless…”

“I’ve got someone in the area who can provide enough of a distraction.  We shouldn’t have any trouble.”

“Shouldn’t.  We still need someone to handle the damn torch.”

“I have someone in mind.  Dumb enough to be subject to manipulation, but with more enough ambition to satisfy.”

“Good.  I’ll cover your back.”

“You’re not going to take… that… with you, are you?”

“You have your pet projects.  I have mine.”

“Make sure it doesn’t get in the way.”


Night Soil: Interlude

Somewhere in Mynythe on 15 Mey, in Common:

“I did not expect results so quickly.”

“Well, now we’ve got them.  Swordfist reported they’ve finished their part of the job, and this incident will keep everyone from looking at us too closely.”

“What’s our next move?”

“We’ll meet up with the local group.  After the disaster in Moil, we’re going to need to move to plan B.  That means we’re going to need resources.  We’re also going to have to arrange transport for everyone and everything.”

“We’re all out of airships.”

“Don’t take that tone.  It was worth it.  And I know you approved of the distraction.”

(sigh)  “I do know someone who can help.”

“The captain?”

“Yes.  But… as you know, he is expensive.  Especially if we want him to work with us directly.”

“Don’t worry about that.  Negotiate hard, but you’ll get the money you need.  Do you think he’ll ask questions?”

“No.  So long as he gets paid.”


Session Notes / 2017.04.30


  • I kind of like the slow pace of days passing. More realistic. Adventures aren’t always waiting at our beck and call.
  • The reveals about the prophecy, the world without, the gates and the keys are very exciting.
  • Very happy more intra-party connections are forming.
  • Want to help out Cog with these disappearing Warforged! But no obvious avenues. And no obvious paycheck. Should perhaps investigate scenes of disappearances? Do more in person interviews?

Favourite Bits:

  • Tolles being skeptical of the prophet of the Balance’s sanity (Eladra?) – and Sister Solace’s reaction. (Also his smaller subversions.)
  • Tetra’s nods of understanding during the Tessarch (?) sermon.
  • Verdad’s assistants scoping out Laz’s character sheet!
  • Cog making himself a little blanket. So cute. (And a HUG meeting!)
  • Detective Deckert. Aw yeah. Love how slow this is progressing. So much for Laz to think through!
  • Allllll of Solace’s responses to Laz! (Especially her glaring at Tetra when she unintentionally hurt Laz’s feelings! So good!)


Open Minds: Interlude

Sometime in the evening of 26 Halli, spoken in Illumian:

“This is not good.”

“Agreed.  What are the chances that the Wings of Salvation have the coin, and aren’t telling us about it?”

“Decent.  It’s difficult to say with certainty.  But we’re better off with it in their hands than others.”

“They don’t know how to use it.”

“Exactly.  I’m more concerned that whoever is ultimately behind this will try a different angle.  One we can’t defend against ourselves.”

“Should we warn…?”

“No.  He’s been acting as a guardian for centuries.  I doubt they’ll try his wrath, and if they do… it will end badly for them.”

“Unless something has changed.”

“That’s always a concern.  Besides, he won’t like us bothering him, either.”


“Regardless, we should consider whether we need to adjust our own security arrangements…”

Session Notes / 2017.03.05

 – Investigation plots are my favourite plots. I love collecting clues. I’m excited about this web of money, politics and loyalties!
– I’m trying not to fall into the rut of “my character’s a fighter so all I do is fight”. I’m happy to have her try other methods and fail at them. I was going to have her intimidate our little gnome friend (Murnig), but she’s not really a mean and bossy sort of person.
– We’ve got two Faces and it was really nice of Matt to pitch some of the talking / information gathering scenes over to James.
– Really love how  like all of our characters’ interests are being woven together for this plot: civil rights unions / terrorists (Cog), police/underworld (Tolles), the Balance’s decrypters (Solace), Wylmar’s machinations (Tetra/Solace), airship companies (Laz). (And of course, Pun-pun has a hand in all things.) Am sure it was lots of work to integrate all of this. Thank you, Rachel!
Favourite Bits:
– Tetra keeping a copy of the book! And always pursuing her studies and knowledge, no matter the cost!
– Verdad’s crunching of fried rat, while hidden. So good.
– Cog letting Laz be of assistance during their artificing.
– Tolles threatening to tell everyone that the gnome was cooperating with us. So devious.
– Solace agonizing over her decision to show the tome to her superior.
– The detective being into Laz! Oh man, I love this. Romance plots (especially unrequited ones) are so much fun for me!

Session Notes / 2017.02.12

– I really liked the bait-and-switch with the rat and the mushroom creature. Was a fun surprise.

– I also really like that there’s a police force that we can hand things off too! So much more reasonable than the generic D&D setting. Everything is so civilized! We’re so not murder-hobos!

– The mystery of the invisible creatures is solved! But the mystery of why we’re being tested by the diplomat deepens/thickens/somethings…

Favourite Bits:
– Sister Solace fretting (in a calm, serene way) over the motivations of Ambassador Duskwatcher. (And being aghast at Laz’s swearing)
– Cog reading a book in one hand – and then reading a book in their *other* hand.
– Verdad debating whether or not his cohort would be able to eat the mushroom creature.
– Tolles feeling a little queasy once all the Undead-turning started happening.
– Tetra telling the Ambassador that she should see to the training of her observers. We could hear them clearly through the wall.
– Suuuper whiney gnome-guy (Murnig) who was too scared to come down into the library with us.

Dire Events: Interlude

Sometime in afternoon of 16 Halli, spoken in Illumian:

“They’re late.”

“I didn’t give them a deadline.”

“Did you expect them to go to the police?”

“That was why I wanted a bunch of do-gooders.  Bunane can’t protect Murnig after this.”

“Are you sure they’ll bring the book back?”

“Pff.  Some of them are Rogental.  Living in this city, they’ll want to get paid.”

“At some point, their do-gooding may exceed their desire to be paid.”

“That’s what I have you for.  I doubt it will come to that.  They’ll want to know how deep the rot runs as much as I do.”

“We’re dealing with undead.  The rot runs all the way down.

“Be fair, they’re not all undead.  A better analogy might be finding out which apples are rotten…”