The game scenario is that you’re all adventurers based in the city of Moil in the nation of Rogent.  (Once the characters are gathered, you’ll have to decide on where you hang out, what your group is named, and so forth.)  Most of the experienced adventuring parties are out of town, either dealing with some issues in the south with the Underdark and the evil dragons, or trying to determine why the Ring that lights the World Within has started to flicker occasionally.

You, on the other hand, are mostly hanging out in Moil, dealing with all the serious extermination problems in the city.  It’s been a bit repetitive lately, with mostly lots of dire rats and so forth.  But somebody must have noticed that you do quality work, because you’ve got a letter on fancy paper that looks like a big new job…


If you’d like to consider characters, you should consider a 3rd level character of some sort, with the limitations listed on the House Rules page.  (There are also some notes on the Races page, along with all the other history stuff on the other pages.)

Level adjustments are okay up to +2, if you really want to do that.  I’m also planning to add a house-rule quarter-vampire +1 level adjust template, if that’s something that you’d like to play.  (But you’re not all allowed to be part-vampire.  That would just be silly.)

We will also have Michael playing an NPC character (a kobold cleric of Pun-Pun), who will act as party backup or extra healing.  Or maybe be off on some eccentric personal quest at an inconvenient time.  Since this will be a minor character, this shouldn’t disuade you from playing a cleric if you like.

There’s also plenty of time to think about all this, since I suspect that we won’t be starting the game until January 2017 or so.  I’m also still filling in maps and rules for adventuring companies, so stay tuned for all of that.


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