Country Fact Sheets



Capital: Moil
: 300 million (10% halfling, 5% gnomish, rest highly diverse)
Official Language(s): Common (although Halfling and Gnomish are frequently used by major companies)
Government: Democratic Oligarchy
Head of State: Prime Minister Jillian Hilltopple
Climate: Mostly temperate, but there are regions of desert and mountains
Religion(s): Dervit and Halliman are both popular
Adjective form: Rogental

The party’s adventure will start in Rogent, in the capitol city of Moil, a major center of commerce.



Capital: None officially; the largest city is the elven city of Ennever
40 million (uncertain, 10% killoren, 10% elven, 5% half-elven, 5% raptoran)
Official Languages: None designated as such, although Sylvan and Elven are the most commonly spoken
Government: Druidic Circles (in wilds) and Local Gerontocracy (in elven cities)
Head of State: High Circle of Hierophants (when needed)
Climate: Mostly temperate, heavily forested in some areas and open plains in others
Religion(s): Meylin is revered in particular.
Adjective form: Arboran

Mynythe Union


Capital: Hozidheim
40 million (80% dwarf, 5% warforged)
Official Languages: Draconic and Dwarven
Government: Racially Limited Representative Democracy
Head of State: Joint between Clanleader Gorkon of clan Tomrel and High Wyrm Hannahet
Climate: Moutainous, with temperate and arctic regions
Religion(s): Meylin is revered in particular.
Adjective form: Mynythe

The population of dragons in Mynythe is small relative to the humanoids, but larger than in any other country.

Free State of Volay


Capital: None officially; the closest thing is the larget commune, Paisa-in-the-Sea
80 million (30% raptoran, 30% sea kin, 10% merfolk, 10% human)
Official Languages: None, although Common, Mermish, and Raptoran are all frequently used
Government: Anarchy
Head of State: None; Darbulo of the Merfolk, who leads one of the more successful communes, sometimes does this when it’s necessary
Climate: Tropical
Religion(s): Halliman is particularly revered
Adjective form: Volair



Capital: Syeltau
160 million (30% illumian, 30% human, 5% half-elven, 5% dragonborn, 5% kobold)
Official Languages: Illumian and Common (though Illumian is preferred)
Government: Dictatorship
Head of State: Tyrant Rellzu Rustveil
Climate: Sub-tropical to tropical, with some regions of desert
Religion(s): Barta is particularly revered
Adjective form: Wylmarn

The university in Wylmar’s capitol (Syeltau University) is famed around the world for its learning and wizardry.

Life’s Edge


Capital: Fortune’s Landing
20 million (10% each of human, elven, half-elven, halfling, gnome, raptoran, and dwarf; includes undead)
Official Languages: Common, although accommodation is made for many languages
Government: Representative Democracy
Head of State: Prime Minister Shautha
Climate: Temperate
Religion(s): Diverse, with a little extra emphasis on Altenn
Adjective form: Edger (formal); Lifer (derogatory)

Life’s Edge also has the largest half-orc population of any of the organized nations.


There is also a commonly used pirate flag, whose symbology is thought to derive from Urna-Dolna’s holy symbol.



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