Wings of Salvation

Here are a few final notes about your adventuring company’s most recent activities, and the day-to-day running of an adventuring company.

Money, Rent, Insurance, and Taxes

You are expected to pay rent and insurance.

Rent depends on where you decide you want to have your “home base” in the city — something to discuss during the first session.  This should probably be a house or section of an apartment building that is dedicated to your group, if you want to be efficient.  Otherwise, if you live separate from the party, you’ll have to pay a separate rent tab.  Either way, the Diplomat’s Circle is probably out of your price range.  Prices range from free (if you’re living in the Ghost Yards, which is not advisable), to cheap (2 GP/month for a tiny place in the Warforged District, utilities and pest control not included) to decent (75 GP/month for a five-ish person house near the Wizard’s District) to the expensive (a mansion in the Temple District might be 700 GP/month or more) to the exorbitant (in the Diplomat’s Circle, don’t even ask).

As a fairly new adventuring company, your insurance is with Dervit’s Shield, and costs 2000 GP per month.  (This may seem like a lot, but there are only eight months in a year, and adventurers can cause a lot of damage if they run amok.)

The shared coffer can be used for paying rent, buying shared equipment (whose owner is then the adventuring company, not the individual) or hiring sub-contractors, such as a Verdad or a secretary.  By default, disbursement requires the signatures of at least two members of the adventuring party for amounts above 500 GP, unless you choose to have something else in your charter for that.

For smaller things (such as foodstuffs), you can treat those as covered by the adventuring company budget and not worry about it unless you’re subsisting entirely on caviar.  You are also free to assume that you have various “non-adventuring possessions” stored at your home which aren’t directly useful for combat purposes — extra clothing, sentimental items, your kid brother’s latest “art” piece, and so on.  Anything expensive (fancy art, high-quality jewelry, etc) should be deducted from your starting money, as it could potentially be sold later due to its value.

You will also need to pay taxes.  Sales taxes in Moil are 10% of the sales price in most cases, with some exceptions for luxury goods (which are somewhat more highly taxed) and illegal goods (for which you will need to pay both the sales tax and a bribe).  This doesn’t apply to your starting supplies, but it will apply to all your future purchases.  You’re also expected to pay a 10% income tax on any treasure recovered or fees paid to your company.

Your adventuring company starts with 8,000 GP in the shared account.

Mechanically, this means that I’ll be giving you more wealth than is standard for your level, but you’ll have more expenses to compensate.  So, you could spend it all on new equipment, but you might eventually get in trouble with your landlord.  Or, worse, a Rogental auditor.

Wings of Salvation Ledger


You should have one!  What is your core purpose, as an adventuring company?  (And, in light of that, how did you all meet, anyway?)  I expect we’ll work on putting this together during the first session.

Wings of Salvation Charter


One thought on “Wings of Salvation

  1. Thoughts:
    – Rachel awesome with scripting and prep. The map was detailed and cool. Also, perfect timing for the quest of beginning adventure.
    – Would like slightly less tenuous connections to rest of party. Currently not sure of Laz’ stance toward Tetra and Verdad. Shall work on it.
    – Liked the puzzles of how to see invisible things and how to get all of us into a tiny room.
    – Loving the already-burgeoning mystery… what’s with invisible rats?

    Favourite Bits:
    – That Verdad only reaches to Laz’ kneecaps.
    – Bloodwing’s sigh of having to actually whip out her magic
    – Cog’s pointed responses to Bloodwing’s prying questions.
    – Sister Solace bring out the BIG sword. And making tea for a groggy Laz!
    – The bright-plucky halfling messenger!
    – Tolles’ suggestion of ‘Unilateral Solutions’ for our name!
    – All the many, many details of the world!


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