Dire Events: Interlude

Sometime in afternoon of 16 Halli, spoken in Illumian:

“They’re late.”

“I didn’t give them a deadline.”

“Did you expect them to go to the police?”

“That was why I wanted a bunch of do-gooders.  Bunane can’t protect Murnig after this.”

“Are you sure they’ll bring the book back?”

“Pff.  Some of them are Rogental.  Living in this city, they’ll want to get paid.”

“At some point, their do-gooding may exceed their desire to be paid.”

“That’s what I have you for.  I doubt it will come to that.  They’ll want to know how deep the rot runs as much as I do.”

“We’re dealing with undead.  The rot runs all the way down.

“Be fair, they’re not all undead.  A better analogy might be finding out which apples are rotten…”


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