Session Notes / 2017.02.12

– I really liked the bait-and-switch with the rat and the mushroom creature. Was a fun surprise.

– I also really like that there’s a police force that we can hand things off too! So much more reasonable than the generic D&D setting. Everything is so civilized! We’re so not murder-hobos!

– The mystery of the invisible creatures is solved! But the mystery of why we’re being tested by the diplomat deepens/thickens/somethings…

Favourite Bits:
– Sister Solace fretting (in a calm, serene way) over the motivations of Ambassador Duskwatcher. (And being aghast at Laz’s swearing)
– Cog reading a book in one hand – and then reading a book in their *other* hand.
– Verdad debating whether or not his cohort would be able to eat the mushroom creature.
– Tolles feeling a little queasy once all the Undead-turning started happening.
– Tetra telling the Ambassador that she should see to the training of her observers. We could hear them clearly through the wall.
– Suuuper whiney gnome-guy (Murnig) who was too scared to come down into the library with us.


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