Session Notes / 2017.03.05

 – Investigation plots are my favourite plots. I love collecting clues. I’m excited about this web of money, politics and loyalties!
– I’m trying not to fall into the rut of “my character’s a fighter so all I do is fight”. I’m happy to have her try other methods and fail at them. I was going to have her intimidate our little gnome friend (Murnig), but she’s not really a mean and bossy sort of person.
– We’ve got two Faces and it was really nice of Matt to pitch some of the talking / information gathering scenes over to James.
– Really love how  like all of our characters’ interests are being woven together for this plot: civil rights unions / terrorists (Cog), police/underworld (Tolles), the Balance’s decrypters (Solace), Wylmar’s machinations (Tetra/Solace), airship companies (Laz). (And of course, Pun-pun has a hand in all things.) Am sure it was lots of work to integrate all of this. Thank you, Rachel!
Favourite Bits:
– Tetra keeping a copy of the book! And always pursuing her studies and knowledge, no matter the cost!
– Verdad’s crunching of fried rat, while hidden. So good.
– Cog letting Laz be of assistance during their artificing.
– Tolles threatening to tell everyone that the gnome was cooperating with us. So devious.
– Solace agonizing over her decision to show the tome to her superior.
– The detective being into Laz! Oh man, I love this. Romance plots (especially unrequited ones) are so much fun for me!

One thought on “Session Notes / 2017.03.05

  1. You’re welcome! It’s perhaps less work than you think — it’s often easier to create a puzzle than to solve it… that, and I get to cackle malevolently while setting it up.

    I’m glad you like the romantic plots. I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out. (evil cackling)


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