Open Minds: Interlude

Sometime in the evening of 26 Halli, spoken in Illumian:

“This is not good.”

“Agreed.  What are the chances that the Wings of Salvation have the coin, and aren’t telling us about it?”

“Decent.  It’s difficult to say with certainty.  But we’re better off with it in their hands than others.”

“They don’t know how to use it.”

“Exactly.  I’m more concerned that whoever is ultimately behind this will try a different angle.  One we can’t defend against ourselves.”

“Should we warn…?”

“No.  He’s been acting as a guardian for centuries.  I doubt they’ll try his wrath, and if they do… it will end badly for them.”

“Unless something has changed.”

“That’s always a concern.  Besides, he won’t like us bothering him, either.”


“Regardless, we should consider whether we need to adjust our own security arrangements…”


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