Session Notes / 2017.04.30


  • I kind of like the slow pace of days passing. More realistic. Adventures aren’t always waiting at our beck and call.
  • The reveals about the prophecy, the world without, the gates and the keys are very exciting.
  • Very happy more intra-party connections are forming.
  • Want to help out Cog with these disappearing Warforged! But no obvious avenues. And no obvious paycheck. Should perhaps investigate scenes of disappearances? Do more in person interviews?

Favourite Bits:

  • Tolles being skeptical of the prophet of the Balance’s sanity (Eladra?) – and Sister Solace’s reaction. (Also his smaller subversions.)
  • Tetra’s nods of understanding during the Tessarch (?) sermon.
  • Verdad’s assistants scoping out Laz’s character sheet!
  • Cog making himself a little blanket. So cute. (And a HUG meeting!)
  • Detective Deckert. Aw yeah. Love how slow this is progressing. So much for Laz to think through!
  • Allllll of Solace’s responses to Laz! (Especially her glaring at Tetra when she unintentionally hurt Laz’s feelings! So good!)



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