Session Notes / 2017.04.30


  • I kind of like the slow pace of days passing. More realistic. Adventures aren’t always waiting at our beck and call.
  • The reveals about the prophecy, the world without, the gates and the keys are very exciting.
  • Very happy more intra-party connections are forming.
  • Want to help out Cog with these disappearing Warforged! But no obvious avenues. And no obvious paycheck. Should perhaps investigate scenes of disappearances? Do more in person interviews?

Favourite Bits:

  • Tolles being skeptical of the prophet of the Balance’s sanity (Eladra?) – and Sister Solace’s reaction. (Also his smaller subversions.)
  • Tetra’s nods of understanding during the Tessarch (?) sermon.
  • Verdad’s assistants scoping out Laz’s character sheet!
  • Cog making himself a little blanket. So cute. (And a HUG meeting!)
  • Detective Deckert. Aw yeah. Love how slow this is progressing. So much for Laz to think through!
  • Allllll of Solace’s responses to Laz! (Especially her glaring at Tetra when she unintentionally hurt Laz’s feelings! So good!)



Session Notes / 2017.03.05

 – Investigation plots are my favourite plots. I love collecting clues. I’m excited about this web of money, politics and loyalties!
– I’m trying not to fall into the rut of “my character’s a fighter so all I do is fight”. I’m happy to have her try other methods and fail at them. I was going to have her intimidate our little gnome friend (Murnig), but she’s not really a mean and bossy sort of person.
– We’ve got two Faces and it was really nice of Matt to pitch some of the talking / information gathering scenes over to James.
– Really love how  like all of our characters’ interests are being woven together for this plot: civil rights unions / terrorists (Cog), police/underworld (Tolles), the Balance’s decrypters (Solace), Wylmar’s machinations (Tetra/Solace), airship companies (Laz). (And of course, Pun-pun has a hand in all things.) Am sure it was lots of work to integrate all of this. Thank you, Rachel!
Favourite Bits:
– Tetra keeping a copy of the book! And always pursuing her studies and knowledge, no matter the cost!
– Verdad’s crunching of fried rat, while hidden. So good.
– Cog letting Laz be of assistance during their artificing.
– Tolles threatening to tell everyone that the gnome was cooperating with us. So devious.
– Solace agonizing over her decision to show the tome to her superior.
– The detective being into Laz! Oh man, I love this. Romance plots (especially unrequited ones) are so much fun for me!

Session Notes / 2017.02.12

– I really liked the bait-and-switch with the rat and the mushroom creature. Was a fun surprise.

– I also really like that there’s a police force that we can hand things off too! So much more reasonable than the generic D&D setting. Everything is so civilized! We’re so not murder-hobos!

– The mystery of the invisible creatures is solved! But the mystery of why we’re being tested by the diplomat deepens/thickens/somethings…

Favourite Bits:
– Sister Solace fretting (in a calm, serene way) over the motivations of Ambassador Duskwatcher. (And being aghast at Laz’s swearing)
– Cog reading a book in one hand – and then reading a book in their *other* hand.
– Verdad debating whether or not his cohort would be able to eat the mushroom creature.
– Tolles feeling a little queasy once all the Undead-turning started happening.
– Tetra telling the Ambassador that she should see to the training of her observers. We could hear them clearly through the wall.
– Suuuper whiney gnome-guy (Murnig) who was too scared to come down into the library with us.

AP: Rats in the Embassy / 2017.01.14

  •  We established our charter, our fighting styles and how we met. (Basically… in a tavern.) We also found out that Tolles, Solace and Tetra don’t talk a lot about their pasts. And that the three big adventuring companies are far, far, out of town.
  •  We are offered a job (summoned) by the Ambassador of Wylmar and immediately make our way to their Embassy. After being made to wait (and some of us identifying someone standing behind a fake wall, presumably spying on us), we meet with the Ambassador and her chief of security (___). Again, some of us are more perceptive than others and detect that the sword on display in her office is an illusion and that the ambassador is wearing a bit of illusory make-up. Just before being let in, some of us also overhear something about ‘a spy’ and a questioning of our capabilities.
  • We are informed that there is some sort of rat problem in the kitchen. We are experts at rat problems. She offers 100gp per rat – carcasses must be presented. We are shown downstairs and quickly start searching the kitchen. We’re slightly tempted to investigate some mail on the counter, but it’s clear they’re for the cook and we don’t disturb them.
  • It turns out the rats have burrowed under the stove.. and… that they’re invisible. The ensuing fight is more challenging than we expected and takes us into the neighbouring pantry. Laz gets pretty roughed up but Verdad is fortunately there with clerical healing and tumbling hexahedrons (I think that was the shape). Tetra’s raven gets in a few good licks as does her celestial hound – who also takes a pummeling. A fireball and some stabbings later, and we have four dead – now visible – rats.
  • Tolles also discovers some scrape marks. As though large cages – the right size to hold a couple of dire rats had been dragged into the corner.  The invisibility is a very sophisticated spell. This was a very unusual situation. Nevertheless, Verdad is excited to take the bodies back for food for his fellow Pun-pun worshipers – but he can only carry one.
  • We return to report to the ambassador and, after informing her about the invisibility, receive an extra 600gp. She expects she knows who is messing with the embassy. People who want to cause trouble and distract them from their important work.