Player Characters

Tetra Bloodwing (Matt): An Illumian wizard, originally from Wylmar, with an obsession in conjuration.

Cog (Amanda): An introspective warforged artificer.

Sister Solace (Sarah): A human cleric of the Balance.

Lazuli Clianiallias (Adrienne): A young raptoran warrior from Volay, who has experience with airships.

Tolles Kenmar (James): A (quarter-vampire) human rogue from Rogent.


Verdad (Michael): A kobold adventurer from Rogent, and a fervent and evangelistic cleric of Pun-Pun.


Kamintel, killoren.  Ambassador to the Five Nations.  She has held the position for the full duration of the existence of the Five Nations, and shows no sign of slowing down.  She rarely shows whatever skills she has gained in that time; it’s thought that the bustle of the city of Moil makes her uncomfortable.  She has a silver-haired wolf as her constant companion, even in the ambassadorial hall.  She tends to favor careful, conservative policies, particularly those that protect nature.

Thorivol Liadon, Elven Mayoral Advisor.  One of the most important leaders of the elven towns, he is often called upon to testify before or advise the druidic circles.

Nem Amastacia, half-elf, rebel agitator.  While an inhabitant of Arbora, he is always trying to stir up trouble in neighboring Wylmar.  His stated views are that the tyranical government of Wylmar should be brought down, and the people freed.  He has had limited success.


Llywethe is a mature adult silver dragon, ambassador to the Five Nations.  She regularly assumes elven form — the better to fit through doors.  She tends to be as mysterious as one would expect of a silver dragon.

Tordurk of clan Ungart, Dwarven ambassador to the Five Nations.  A gruff dwarf from a clan focused on mastery of arms, he’s a frequent sponsor of… “interesting” sporting events.

Ilde of clan Holderhek (dwarf).  She’s known as the greatest artificer from the famed Holderhek clan, which in turn is famous for its engineering prowess.  She was the leader of the group that invented the Warforged fifty years ago.

Brom is a notable Warforged social agitator.  She is a constant thorn in the collective side of the Dwarven clans, sabotaging their constructions and organizing protests against indentured servitude.  She’s managed to avoid being captured, but her organization, the “Daylight Construct,” has had relatively little success in producing large-scale change.

The Great Wyrm Mexorek is a truly ancient golden dragon who resides in the caldera of the Lower Tyerek Mountain.  (The lower mountain is a volcano; the one on the ceiling is extinct.)  Rumor suggests he was alive at the time of the apocalypse, but he is notoriously disinterested in interacting with humanoids.


Amaryllis Greenbottle is the Ambassador to the Five Nations.  The halfling is the co-owner of the family business, Greenbottle Transport, which is a trading company that focuses on getting items from point A to point B — especially the rare, fragile, or perishable variety.  She has previously served as a minister in Rogent’s parliament.

Jillian Hilltopple (halfling) is the Prime Minister of Rogent.  Her bid for the ministry was greatly supported by Barta’s Assistant, a company specializing in the production of magical supplies and reagents.

Bella Bunane is the current Mayor of Moil.  She’s a charismatic human who is strongly affiliated with the Forge and Mill Engineering company.

Katinuk is the Chief Registrar for Adventuring Companies, and proprietor of the Forgotten Spell.  He’s also called “the Crusty Kobold,” though never to his face.  He’s a former adventurer himself, and the story he tells about how he lost his eye is never the same twice.  He’s both one of the firmest enforcers of the laws for adventuring companies, and a frequent source of advice for young adventurers.

Dimble Nackle, CEO of the Forge and Mill Engineering company, is a gnome whose fortunes have been rising lately as technology and magitech make dramatic leaps forward. His company’s work on building faster, more efficient railroads puts him somewhat at odds with the Greenbottles.

Kehzer Murnig is a wealthy gnome collector who had some bad things in his basement.

Drusilia Decker is a half-elf working for Moil’s police department.  She’s an old friend of Tolles, and romantically interested in Laz.

Seebo Beren is an absent-minded gnome alchemist.  He’s also been working with magic manure.

Antinua Werd is a necropolitan half-elf, head of the Moil branch of the Order of the Open Mind and High Priestess of Altenn.

Koren Ederat is a half-vampire, human necromancer-in-training at the Order of the Open Mind.

Elric Smid is a human necromancer and a senior member of the Order of the Open Mind.

Gimbal is a former (?) member of the CIP, and clearly involved in something mysterious.

Father Roscoe Tosscobble is the most senior cleric of the Balance in Moil.

Tharivol Galanodel was an elven cleric of the Balance, and an expert in Ancient cyphers, now deceased.

Beau Leagallow is a halfling employee of the Forge and Mill Engineering company, who is working as an agent of the Daylight Construct.

Agda of clan Jolderdruthe is the Chief of Security for the Moil branch of Forge and Mill Engineering.

Alan Belgard is a human train security officer for Forge and Mill Engineering.


Miithi of Xantiro is the raptoran Ambassador to the Five Nations on behalf of Volay.  He is an elderly individual with graying feathers.  He almost always speaks out against authoritarian or aggresssive decisions, and as such, often clashes with the other ambassadors — though he usually gets along well with the ambassador from Arbora.

Darbulo of the Merfolk leads one of the largest and most successful underwater communes, Paisa-in-the-Sea.  He’s imposed a little more order than most, although he frequently shares the view that contracts are not worth the paper they’re written on — especially after they’ve been underwater for a while.

Evaa is one of the sea kin who has moved to the oceans of the skies — and everyone but her closest friends refers to her as Captain Evaa.  She calls Volay home, but will sail her airship, the Mourning Ring, throughout the World Within.  She has been on several expeditions into poorly explored territory on behalf of Life’s Edge.


Rellzu Rustveil is the Tyrant.  A middle-aged Illumian, he rules Wylmar with an iron fist.  He offers some kindnesses, but it’s unclear whether that is from genuinely having a conscience or simple pragmatism.  At the present time, he has designated Xiroth Duskwatcher as his successor.

Xiroth Duskwatcher is the newly appointed Ambassador to the Five Nations.  She is an Illumian roughly thirty years of age, but her charisma and cleverness have already made her an excellent politician and diplomat.  The Duskwatcher clan is famed for protecting some of the most closely guarded of Illumian secret knowledge; whether Xiroth has access to this is unknown.  What is known is that her outgoing nature sets her apart from the rest of the reclusive clan.

As there have been threats (and attempts) against Xiroth Duskwatcher’s life, she has been assigned Duensel Stormwind as a bodyguard.  He is known to be a devotee of Barta.

Raovesh Duskwatcher is the head of the Duskwatcher clan, and also the Head Librarian for Wylmar.  He is known to be a vicious protector of all of Wylmar’s libraries, especially the restricted archives.

Life’s Edge

Polena Bursuita is the human representative of Life’s Edge to the Five Nations.  While she has no official vote, she at least ensures that her people’s voice is heard.  There are rumors that she is a quarter-vampire, which she vigorously denies — and then angrily rants about how it isn’t important anyway.

Shautha is the Prime Minister.  She is unusual, in that she is a half-orc.  What she lacks in presence she compensates for with intelligence and a deep understanding of people.  As such, she managed to work her way up the political ladder, and has considerable respect from the people of Life’s Edge.  Other nations are not as open-minded.

Georg Mellanil is a half-elven Vampire.  He was involved in the founding of Life’s Edge, as well as its eventual rebellion from Rogent.  Rumors abound that he was turned shortly after the Apocalypse, but he’s very coy about his age.  These days, he has stepped back from the government for a more quiet life, although some people will still consult him on important matters.

Trell Makovin is a famed human necromancer.  Earlier in his career, with the local government in Rogent, he turned his carefully controlled zombies to the construction of public works.  He later immigrated to Life’s Edge, and is now one of the most respected instructors in the necromantic arts.  He also founded the Order of the Open Mind.


Allarik Shem is the human captain of the Dancing Shadow, the notorious pirate airship.  He operates mostly in the fringers around Life’s Edge and Volay, though he has become more bold over time.  He is famed for his practice of leaving only a single survivor from each ship he captures to tell the harrowing tale.

Religions and Organizations

Only the biggest or most important groups are noted here.  Each demigod has their own temple and followers, though those who follow evil-aligned deities are generally much more discreet about it.

The League of Five Nations

The League (as it is commonly referred to) is a loose association of the five nations of Arbora, Mynythe, Rogent, Volay, and Wylmar.  Its central goal is to serve as a place for the airing and addressing of grievances between nations, to avoid another ugly war.  It also serves the expected role in diplomacy, trade negotiations, and so forth.

Life’s Edge has been unable to obtain membership, as Rogent and Wylmar strongly oppose its presence (Rogent because Life’s Edge was once its colony, and Wylmar because of its tolerance of the undead).

The Temple of the Forge

As the largest and grandest temple dedicated to any of the demigods, it is appropriate that it honors Ur-Tel, the god of the forge.  The physical temple is located in the Mynythe Union.  It was not built, but carved out from a mountain, decorated with bands of steel tempered by dragonfire, and is visible from miles away.

Followers of Ur-Tel who go on adventures or travel the world to improve it will typically first seek blessing and support from the Temple of the Forge.

Barta’s Law

This is an association of paladins, clerics, wizards and others who worship Barta and deeply value the preservation of knowledge.  The association was founded in Wylmar.

The Daylight Construct

Led by the warforged Brom, this group agitates for better recognition of warforged sentience.  They primarily operate in Mynythe, and that’s where their most aggressive actions occur, but they will often hold protests or other actions in other places.  Most members are warforged, but other races have been known to help them as well.

The Great Guild

While flavored by worship of Dervit, the Guild is at least nominally secular.  It is a meeting place for those with interests in capitalism and deals, as well as a venue for airing and resolving grievances.  The Guild also has significant political influence in many areas, especially Rogent.

The Order of the Open Mind

Founded by the necromancer Trell Makovin, this Order is based around the idea that all persons, living or undead, monstrous or no, should be judged based on their own merits.

The group is loosely organized, providing support to the marginlized where it can.  However, some of a more terrorist-like bent have claimed membership as well.  Outside of Life’s Edge, membership in the Order is generally viewed with suspicion.  The Order has been banned in Wylmar.

The Church of Pun-Pun

The Church of Pun-Pun focuses on each individual achieving “enlightenment” and “becoming one with Pun-Pun.”  Most adherent are kobolds.

There are numerous internal schisms, including whether non-kobolds can achieve “oneness”; some adherents are fervent evangelists.

Naytheist Association

What it says on the tin.  This is one of the few organized groups for Naytheists (those who believe all deities are unworthy of worship).  They hold occasional conferences, which often feature opposition by believers.  They are most influential in Rogent and Life’s Edge.

Major Companies

There are a number of important companies, including:

Greenbottle Transport — Shipping specialists, heavily invested in airships.

Forge and Mill Engineering — Major engineering and technomany powerhouse.  New railway systems are providing competition to Greenbottle Transport.

Barta’s Assistant — Supplier of magical tools and reagents.

Bottomless Wardrobe — Supplier of clothing of all sorts and some lighter, high-end armor.

Adventurer’s Best Friend — Producer of general-purpose arms and armor.  Also referred to as the ABF.

Living Earth — Major agricultural company.

Stone and Steel — Major construction company.

Dervit’s Shield — Major insurance company.  Will cover adventuring companies.

Keymar Life — Major insurance company.  Only covers adventuring companies with good track records of not causing (too much) trouble.

Underbough Et Filles — Major law firm in Moil.

Featherweight Engineering — Major airship construction company.

Adventuring Companies

Some of the adventuring companies that the Wings of Salvation know about include:

The Steel Coin

A defunct adventuring company, disbanded due to misbehavior by its members.  They were based in Over-Moil.  All members were killed during an incident in Moil, by a person or persons unknown.

Directed Solutions

This adventuring party is currently missing, after having been sent to uncover why the Ring flickered.  They are based in Moil.

Pelwethiel — A (male) middle-aged elven wizard.  Unofficial group leader.
Kellimalenalui of Ylmella — A (female) half-vampire raptoran rogue.  Kelli for short.
Emerel — A female killoren druid.
Hedwith of clan Vorgul — A female dwarf, and cleric of Ur-Tel.
Sprocket — A warforged warrior.

Mystic Investigations

An adventuring company that has been missing for more than half a year, having departed to search for the Dagger of Midnight in the Underdark.


An adventuring company with a rough reputation.  They have also been instructed to investigate the Ring.  They are based in Moil.

Members include:

Volen Laurent — A half-orc barbarian (female)
Kera Wells — human sorcerer (male) — semi-official group leader
Portia Highhill — halfling rogue (female)
Radania Xiloscient — elven cleric of Altenn (female)
Quip Menage — human skilled with swords and spells alike (male)