This is a listing of all the playable races in the World Within. Non-playable races will be mentioned and noted as such. (This is mostly the dragons.) Comments here will focus on any changes from source material, noting level adjustments, and history in this setting.


While changelings exist, in most areas they have problems when their true natures are revealed, much like their kin, the Doppelgangers.


(Not Playable)

Dragons are as mysterious as ever.


Unlike other settings, dragonborn are an independent race (individuals are not sterile) and are often looked upon with fear. Their association with Turmak, the god of tyranny, persists despite many of them, along with most dragons, having left the side of evil long ago.


As in other settings, dwarves are expert fighters and craftsmen.  They are responsible for the creation of Warforged… and (at least in part) the war that demanded their creation.


As in most settings, elves are, typically, a bit arrogant, conservative, and intellectual.


Gnomes, as tricksters and entertainers, have a strong presence in many civilized areas.  They have made strong contributions to the advancement of civilization in the areas of alchemy, medicine, and engineering.


The classic halfling rogue still exists, but may be trying to steal your pocketbook and stab you in the back more metaphorically.  Several Halfing families control major merchantile businesses.


Half-elves fit into society as easily as any human or elf. In fact, many view the halfelven as perhaps something closer to the race of Ancients, from whom the humans and elves are supposedly descended


As with the elves, Humans are thought to perhaps be descendents of the original Ancients, altered by time and the magical impacts of the Apocalypse.


As in other settings, the half-orc has a lot of problems fitting into society in most places.


Even more so than the Elves, the Illumians are renowned for their work at preserving knowledge and lore. Most major libraries have a significant number of Illumians among the staff, if not in charge.


The killoren are an old people, closely tied to the fey and to the forests and wild spaces of the World Within.


The kobold are something of a… leftover, from creations of Turmak. An experiment, to test some ideas out, which were perfected in the dragonborn and the dragons.  As in most settings, they tend to get the short end of the stick.

Mer Folk

(Not Playable)


(Not Playable)


Raptorans in this setting are among the most free peoples. Their ability to fly opens up a lot of opportunities — and it’s often easy to escape pursuit by simply flying across the currents from the Ceiling to the Floor, or vice versa.

Sea Kin

The Sea Kin resemble humans superficially, but in reality are more closely related to the Mer Folk.


Shifters and lycanthropes are all present (lycanthropes not playable). Shifters tend to be viewed with great suspicion. Lycanthropes are not always evil, but they are generally considered a dangerous menace anyway, rather like a plague-carrier might be.


While not a race per say, the World Within is generally more accepting of undead than the typical D&D setting, though this varies considerably from place to place. (This is probably helped by the fact that they are not necessarily evil.) Dangerous necromancy is frowned upon, but in certain areas, vampires can walk the streets safely at night and zombies are used for hard labor. Half-vampires are not too uncommon.

That being said — some undead templates, applicable to most or all races, are available to players. Ghosts are possible, but the high level adjustment (+5) probably makes them a poor choice, and not possible to start with; consult me if you’re still interested later. Half-Vampire is available at a +2 level adjustment, but the very high vampire level adjustment (+8) puts them out of reach for a starting character.  I’ve added a quarter-vampire template, which is an option.  You may be a Necropolitan for a +1 level adjustment. I’m unlikely to grant any other requests to play an undead, but you can try to persuade me.


The warforged were created for a war of yesteryear that essentially fizzled out, and left the soldiers with nowhere to go.


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